To many adults who were Scouts in their early years, Boy Scouts of America has become sloppy. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way some Scouts wear their uniforms. Wearing uniform shirts unbuttoned and hanging out has become an accepted practice. In Troop 27 we hold the wearing of the uniform in the highest regard. It is a reflection of the Scout, the Troop, and Boy Scouts of America in general. As such, great emphasis should be placed on “getting it right”. Please refer the following links to see the correct placement of all badges, patches, and knots. Thanks!

Boy Scout Insignia Placement

How to wear BSA Knots

Class A Full Dress:

*** Camouflage pants are NOT authorized when wearing Class A or B Uniforms

  • Long sleeve Supplex Nylon scout shirt
  • All appropriate insignia with correct placement
  • BSA Switchback pants
  • Troop Hat
  • Merit Badge sash OR Order of the Arrow sash
  • Service Stars
  • Attendance Pins
  • Official BSA Belt
  • Troop Neckerchief
  • Medals (No more than 5)
  • Necklace awards (i.e. Woodbadge, no more than 5)
  • No flip-flops, sandals, or open-toed shoes
  • This uniform is worn to Court of Honor, Blue and Gold Banquet, official events, or when posing for an official photograph. It shows you in your best scouting attire and displays your honors and accomplishments.

Class A:

  • Long sleeve Supplex Nylon scout shirt
  • All appropriate insignia with correct placement
  • BSA Switchback pants or other similar olive colored pants
  • Troop Hat
  • Official BSA Belt
  • NO merit badge sash
  • NO Order of the Arrow sash
  • NO Medals
  • NO Neckerchief
  • NO Pin
  • No flip-flops, sandals, or open-toed shoes

This Uniform is worn to Troop Meetings, Patrol Leaders Council Meetings, and Troop Committee Meetings. It is the official travel and fundraising uniform of Troop 27.


Class B:

  • Yellow Troop 27 T-shirt
  • Troop hat
  • Long or short olive colored pants

Uniform Resources

Although the initial investment in a Scout uniform may seem expensive, the uniform is rugged and the Scout will usually outgrow it before it wears out. When buying uniforms keep growth in mind.

Uniform Sources: Boy Scout Office

12500 North IH 35

Austin, Texas 78753


BSA Retail Catalog Sales



Class B T-shirts are purchased from the troop.

Troop 27 specific uniform rules

1. Neckerchief will be tightly rolled with square ends

2. Merit badges will be placed on the sash so they are parallel to the ground when worn.