Inappropriate Behavior

Successful Scouting is built upon the boy-led troop and the boy-led patrol. The boys themselves hold positions of leadership, develop the program, and carry out projects and activities. They also have the responsibility to establish codes of behavior based on the principles of the Scout Oath and Law. When a troop member oversteps the boundaries of that code, it is up to the members of the Patrol Leaders Council to let the boy know “We don’t do that here” or “That is not acceptable behavior for a Scout”. Serious or recurring negative activity might require the involvement of the Scoutmaster and other adult leaders in a firm, fair manner. Instances of cheating, lying, inappropriate language, vandalism, or fighting is unacceptable in our troop.

A boy who continually disrupts meetings or whose actions endanger himself or others during scouting activities will be sent home. Discipline problems that may result in the boy’s permanent removal from the troop will be handled by the Scoutmaster and the troop committee and will always involve the boy’s parents or guardian.

Three Strikes

  • Strike 1: The patrol has done all they can; Scoutmaster must act (Scout/Parents informed).
  • Strike 2: Scoutmaster must act to correct behavior again (Scout/Parents/Committee informed) Parent must accompany Scout to any further functions.
  • Strike3: Scoutmaster/Committee agree to permanent removal of the scout from the troop (Parents/Scout informed).

Our goal is never to have to use this system but we also don’t want to spend 95% of our time on 5% of our scouts (the ones who misbehave). It’s not fair to the scouts who are onboard with the scouting program.