Troop Meetings

  • Where: The Pavilion at Saint John Vianney Catholic Church.
  • When: Sunday night 4-6 p.m. (twice a month)
  • These days float and are scheduled in advance to avoid major holidays or events (i.e. Mothers Day)
  • Dress: Class A (Full Dress Class A for Court of Honor)
  • Bring: Scout Handbook, pencil/pen/paper
  • Address: 3201 Sunrise Road Round Rock, Texas 78664-9416
  • Phone: (512) 218-1183

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)

  • Where: Saint John Vianney Catholic Church
  • When: Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm before each troop meeting.
  • Who: Boys holding positions of responsibility:(Senior Patrol Leader, Asst. Senior Patrol Leader,Patrol Leader, Asst. Patrol Leader, Troop Scribe, etc.)
  • Uniform: Class A
  • Bring: Calendar, any planning materials

Troop Committee Meeting

  • Where: Normally held at SJV Boscoe Building.
  • When: 7 p.m. on the Wednesday after the first troop meeting of the month. See the troop calendar.
  • Who: Adults holding positions of responsibility and parents who want to be more involved in troop organization and policies decisions.
  • Uniform: Class A