Camping Tips

10 Steps to a Goosebump-Free Night

How to Enjoy Winter from the Inside Out

Alcohol Stoves (ultralight stoves easily constructed from drink and food cans):

Homemade Gear

Make your Own Gear (includes sleeping bags and quilts):

Fabric and materials for making gear:

Goose down (800 fill):

Lightweight Backpacking technique and forums:

Water Management

  • Most E. Coli illness can be avoided by sterilizing your hands with Purell or other alcohol gels prior to working with your water treatment gear and water bottles
  • Take a "black" water bottle and a clean water bottle. Mark the black water bottle clearly.
  • Drink filtered/treated water from the clean water bottle, and use the black water bottle for untreated water that you intend to boil for your meals.
  • A rolling boil for 1 minute is required to kill all the nasties in untreated water
  • If the water is murky (unlikely at Lost Maples), use a bandanna to filter out the lumps prior to filtering/chemical treatment.

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