Adult Training

Troop 27 Required and Optional Adult Training

Troop 27 Training (printable pdf version) -- (.doc version)

Requirements for Adults to camp with the Troop on non-Family Campouts (Jan. & Aug. are Family Campouts)

  • Boy Scout Leaders Fast Start
  • BSA Youth Protection Training
  • Ethics in Ministry Training
  • This is Scouting

Adult Participants required training for uniform shirt:

  • Boy Scout Leaders Fast Start
  • BSA Youth Protection Training
  • Ethics in Ministry Training
  • This is Scouting

Committee Members required training for “Trained” patch:

  • All the above and,
  • Troop Committee Challenge

Scout Master & Assistance Scout Master’s required training for uniform shirt w/“Trained” patch:

  • All the above (Troop Committee Challenge is optional for ASM) and,
  • Scoutmaster Specific Training
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Safety Afloat
  • Leave No Trace Camping
  • Climb on Safely

Additional optional training for all adults:

  • All the above and,
  • Wood badge
  • Powder Horn
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CPR
  • Life Guard Training
  • Other supplemental training

Troop 27 Adult Training

Troop 27 encourages at least one (1) adult per family to become actively involved and participate in the development of the scouts in our troop. A “best effort” attempt to complete required adult “participant” training within 3 months of becoming active in troop activities is expected. ASM and SM’s are expected to complete all required training within 6 months of position assignments. To get credit for taking a course, students must provide proof of completed training to the Troop 27 Advancement Chairperson. Following is description of each course.

Supplemental Training Modules

Supplemental training modules are designed to provide orientation beyond the basic training offered in New Leader Essentials and leader-specific training. Each module is a unit of training that can be used as an outline for a group, for personal coaching, or for self-study. Most of the outlines should require about an hour to complete. Consider each unit of study to be an introduction to the subject. Scouters are welcome to download subjects that are of interest for personal or unit use. There are no training credits associated with the completion of these units of study. Additional training units are being developed and will be continually added to this site.

Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide

This module will guide new and potential merit badge counselors through their responsibilities in the role and will give them an understanding of the methods of counseling Scouts. It is intended as a short orientation course for new merit badge counselors before they begin working with Scouts.

Board of Review Training

This module will train troop committee members and others in the purposes of the board of review, offering suggestions for the types of questions that can or should be asked.

Geocaching to Promote Scouting

Geocaching is an exciting new sport that uses GPS navigation to find hidden treasures. It provides another tool for the fun-with-a-purpose toolbox and can combine outdoor adventure with advancement, recruiting, retention, and public relations.

The Order of the Arrow and Your Troop

This session discusses the benefits to the individual, troop, district, and council as a result of the Order of the Arrow's influence in your troop.

Orientation for New Boy Scout Parents

This brief orientation is designed to draw new parents into the troop experience and give them the information they need to enjoy the program and help their sons succeed.

Planning and Conducting a Safe Scout Outing

Safe Scouting can happen if you follow the Scout motto—Be Prepared. This unit of supplementary training will describe how to plan for and conduct a safe Scout outing.

Recruiting Quality Training Staff

Recruiting is an ongoing responsibility. This session will provide an overview of the steps involved in recruiting quality district or council training staff and will allow participants to take a step-by-step practice run through the recruiting process.

Scoutmaster Conference Training

This module will teach Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and other troop leaders about the purposes of the Scoutmaster's conference and will offer suggestions for questions that could be asked at these conferences.

Selecting Quality Leaders

This session will provide an overview of the seven steps to recruiting a key adult unit leader and will prepare participants to recruit new leaders for their units' needs.

The Youth Leadership Training Continuum

This supplemental training module is designed for Scout leaders and parents who want to understand the youth leadership training continuum.

PowerPoint Presentations

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