2008 Aug Lake LBJ

Lake LBJ Water Ski Weekend - August 22 - 23

Map to Lake LBJ. Detail map to Honeymoon Ranch.


Take I-35 North to Highway 29 - turn left or West on 29

Stay on 29 until you get to highway 281 - turn left or South

Stay on 281 until you get to highway 1431 - turn right or West

Stay on 1431 for about 4 miles until you see the left turn to Honeymoon Ranch

Follow the dirt road past the farm house and continue down to the lake

If you are bringing a boat:

Follow the above directions to highway 1431

Turn on Wirtz Dam Rd. - about 1 mile before Honeymoon Ranch

Follow Wirtz Dam Rd to Sunset RV park where you can launch your boats

Once on the water follow the shore to the right, pass the first large cove, and after coming around a granite point you will see the scout camp on the right. It is just before Granite Shoals.


Arrive at 6:00 PM at SJV

Leave at 6:45

Arrive at the camp at 8:15

Set-up camp at 8:45

PLC at 9:00

Training for water skiing 9:30

Quiet time 10:00

Lights-out 10:30


Wake-up 6:00

Flags 6:05

Breakfast 6:15

Get ready to go 7:00

Hit the water 7:30

Lunch 11:30

Pack-up 12:00

Back to the water 12:30

Get back from water 5:30

Service project 6:30

Flags 6:40

Get ready 6:50

Leave 7:00

Stop for ice cream (during ride home)

Arrive at church 9:00

Dismissal 9:30

Important notes

Each Scout must bring:

  • 1 Gallon of water at least - label your water jugs
  • LOTS of sunscreen
  • Water shoes
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Hats
  • Sun Glasses / optional
  • Swim shirt
  • Scouts plan for Saturday breakfast and lunch.
  • Bring $ for ice cream.

This is considered HEAVY Camping. Our primary mission is water activities and the Water Skiing Merit Badge; therefore, we will not hike in.