2006 Feb Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock State Park - February 18th


Planned departure time: 8:00 am Saturday (Arrive SJV by 7:30 am) THIS IS A SECOND SCHEDULE CHANGE

Planned return back to SJV: 8:00 pm Saturday.


State park information.

  1. Water - You still need to bring water. The trail is approx 7 miles long and we will be hiking for 4 to 5 hours so water is a must. 1 quart should get you through the day.
  2. Clothes - LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS – you need to dress with layers of clothes. I would suggest a T-shirt, Class B shirt and a medium coat. Also a light set of gloves might not be a bad idea. You do need to show up at the church with your class A on. You can take it off before we start the hike and put it back on for the ride home. I would also like you to bring a second pair of socks and pants. This way if we get wet you can change for the ride home.
  3. Foot wear. We will be hiking on groomed trails so athletic shoes are OK and appropriate. Hiking boots are OK too but please make sure they are broken in. DON’T GO TO THE TRAIL WITH NEW SHOES.
  4. Food – You will be responsible for you breakfast (eat before you come to the church) and lunch. Bring your favorite trail mix so you can keep your energy up as we hike. Also bring some money for the ride home. We will stop and eat dinner on the way back.
  5. Pack – you can bring your big pack but I would suggest a day pack. See if another scout can buddy up with you on this and you can take turns carrying the pack.
  6. Shoes – make sure they fit well and are appropriate for hiking. Don’t go out and purchase new shoes and wear them for the first time on this hike. It will be slippery so they should also have good traction.
  7. Socks – Wool socks are a good choice – much better than cotton. Wool will keep your feet warm if they get wet. Cotton will not.
  8. Rain Gear – IT WILL RAIN so “Be Prepared”. Have a poncho that you can hike in. Test it out and make sure it covers you with your back pack on.
  9. Ball Caps – Bring them – they will help keep the rain off your face and they help keep your head warm.
  10. As always bring your scout book. We may have an opportunity to sign things off.