2006 Camp Arrowhead Crossover

Camp Arrowhead Crossover Jan 20-22, 2006

The following is a schedule of the weekend's events.

Parents and siblings are welcome to attend the Saturday cookout and campfire. RSVP to Kellie.

Food requirements




- Arrive at St. John Vianney, fed and ready to go.

- Scouts are responsible for Breakfast and Lunch

- Dinner will be provided by the Troop

- Scouts are responsible for Breakfast . Send $ for lunch at Gatti Land on the way home.


  1. There is potable water at the camp.
  2. Scouts will hike in about 1 mile.
  3. Adults will drive in, cars are kept in the lower campsite
  4. Bring money for the Gatti Land lunch on the way home.