2005 Summer Camp Fiesta Island

Summer Camp 2005

Camp Fiesta Island

This summer's trip is to Camp Fiesta Island in San Diego, California.

Packing list from June 26th meeting.

Click here for Randy's detailed presentation on pre-camp activities.

Click here for the Scout / Parent's Information Guide.

Click here for the full Leader's Guide. ** All scouts must fill out the Scout Information and Release Form on page 28 of the guide. This was handed out at the merit badge organizational meeting.

Pre-camp lodging is at :

Quality Suites Downtown Harborview

1430 Seventh Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Direct 619-696-0911 | 1-800-404-6835

Fax 619-234-9416n ext 462

Summary of itinerary and costs:

Troop travels and maneuvers together:

Troop will travel by Bus to locations (Charter bus for pre camp activities to reduce cost)

Air Travel Check in Seating as Troop planning and deplaning as a troop

Baggage- All scouts will be required to use Sea Bags to pack for the trip. They will carry no more than can fit in the bag. This makes it very easy to keep track of gear and keep the boys organized.

Lodging As a Troop

Hotel in San Diego. Scouts need tents at camp.


Boys have developed a unique counting system. All boys accounted for before every movement. It is very effective and keeps the boys together

Boys will enforce buddy system and patrol system through out trip

No scout will be alone


Camp: Dining Hall Buffet Line Set up Meals planned and cooked by camp

Pre Camp Boys will have own Money but will go in patrols for meals Typically Fast Food Convenient and quick

Spending Money

The Scouts will need spending money for the pre camp activities and the troop will have an adult treasurer(s) to keep track of the scout personal funds

Boys will also need a few dollars a day to shop and buy items at the Trading post. A very popular item at camp is ice cream. Expect $5 per day spend in the trading post and $20 for camp t -shirt purchase


All medication is checked in at Camp headquarters and the Troop leaders will be responsible to follow up and make sure the Scouts take their medication.

Merit Badges:

Camp Fiesta Island offers those merit badges best suited to its unique setting in Mission Bay. Therefore, you will not find some merit badges that are typically offered at other Boy Scout Camps. In total, Camp Fiesta Island offers 24 different merit badges, including 3 from the Eagle required list, to meet your Scout's needs. We limit the size of merit badge classes and offer every badge at multiple times throughout the day. A complete list of merit badges is outlined below.

Water / Aquatics



Motor boating


Small Boat Sailing*


Water Skiing***

*revised requirements 2005

Outdoor Skills and Science

Camping** (partial)

Environmental Science (partial)

Fish and Wildlife Management*

Fishing (CA Fishing Laws apply)



Orienteering (partial)


Space Exploration*


Wilderness Survival

**minor updates 2005








First Aid**

*** program being reinstated

additional fees & information

by June 1, 2005

Please note there are additional costs associated with the programs in red.

Other Programs:

The Burly Boatsmen

Earn the Burly Boatsmen award by completing 4 of 5 burly activities during the week. Monday: 5 mile run, Tuesday: mile swim, Wednesday: night kayak, Thursday: outpost camp, Friday: Old Salty Rat canoe trip. Most activities occur during free time or in the evening so conflicts with daily classes are avoided.


This is an all day program available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Each scout may participate once. Transportation to and from Mission Beach will be by unit leader carpool. $25 additional fee is payable on arrival at camp.

The Flying Hull

Camp Fiesta Island's Catamaran Sailing Program is an intensive week-long course for Scouts with sailing experience. They will learn catamaran sailing from start to finish from rigging and rules of the road to racing techniques, hiking out, and "flying a hull." Wind permitting, the week will finish off with a Thursday sail trip through the ocean to San Diego Bay, overnight camping with a BBQ dinner and the return trip on Friday. Scouts participating in the Flying Hull will not be able to participate in regular merit badge sessions. The minimum class size is 6 and the maximum is 12. Adults are also welcome to participate if there is space remaining when you arrive at camp. $25 additional fee is payable on arrival at camp. ** Class 3 Physical required for Flying Hull participants and adults over 40 **

Kayaking BSA

In this weeklong program, Scouts will learn the basics of kayaking in sit-on-top and touring kayaks and then explore all the fun to be had on Mission Bay. Participants must be swimmers.

Instructional Swim

Non-swimmers and beginners will strengthen their swimming ability.

Boardsailing BSA (Windsurfing)

Learn this exciting and fast-paced sport and take aquatics fun to a new level. Participants must be swimmers.

Snorkeling BSA

The waterfront staff will be offering daily classes during Free Time. Participants must be swimmers.

Mile Swim BSA

Participate in training and build up to this swimming feat of endurance. Participants must be swimmers. Participants make daily appointments with aquatics staff for completion of the swimming requirements; usually during Free Time.

Polar Bear Swim

Back by popular demand, Scouts and leaders are welcome to join the staff on the waterfront at 7 am on Tuesday and Thursday for the early morning swim. There is no better way to wake up in the morning.

Plant and Animal Identification: Pick up a Camp Fiesta Island Nature guide in the Trading Post and complete Scouting advancement. Staff is available in program areas for help with this requirement during Free Time.

Free Time Handicrafts: Come and try your hand at any of the handicrafts available during Free Time. It's a great opportunity to make a souvenir gift for someone back home.

Yacht Race: The 7th annual Yacht Race will pit Patrol against Patrol in a battle of hot air and high speed performance. Your patrol can spend time preparing your vessel during free time and then compete in the race on Wednesday evening.

Sand Castle Building



Dragon Boating

Totin' Chip

High Adventure Films

Night Kayak

Night Hike

Nighttime Orienteering Course