2004 Summer Camp

Goshen Scout Reservation

This summer's trip is to Goshen Scout Reservation. Goshen is the National Capital Area Council's primary camp and is located about 3.5 hours southwest of Washington, DC in the Shenandoah Mountains in Central Virginia.

Our plans and itinerary are going to be similar to what we did last year on our trip to Camp Parsons, west of Seattle, WA. The preliminary details and logistics are as follows:

  • We will leave Austin on Thursday, June 24th and arrive at one of the 3 Washington area airports (Baltimore Washington International, Reagan National or Washington Dulles) sometime that afternoon.
  • We will spend from the 24th through the morning of the 27th in the DC area. The hotel where we will stay is the Governor's House in downtown DC.
  • While in DC, we will tour many of the local attractions and historic landmarks.
  • On the morning of the 27th (Sunday), we will board a bus provided by the National Capital Area Council and head to Goshen. As noted before, it is an approximate 3.5 hour ride.
  • Troop 27 is confirmed at Camp Olmsted within Goshen Scout Reservation for the week of June 27 through July 3rd. Camp Olmsted is equipped with a dining hall, so the boys will be well fed during the week. During the week, they will be earning merit badges, participating in camp activities and having a great time!
  • On July 3rd, after the bus ride back to the DC area, we will make our way back to the airport and take the return flight back to Austin. We will probably arrive back sometime early to late evening on the 3rd.

BSA Personal Health and Medical Records:

Your BSA medical form must be up to date and signed by a physician to attend summer camp.

Class 1 and Class 2 Personal Health and Medical Record -For all scouts and adults under 40.

Class 3 Personal Health and Medial Record - For adults 40 and over.

Medication Forms:

Mr. Schindel has copies of the Camp Goshen Prescription Medication form. This MUST be filled out and turned at Camp check-in (along with your medical form) for all Scouts and Dads, regardless of whether you are bringing prescription medication to Summer Camp. It is very detailed and provides good instruction. Please pick up a copy at the April 25th Troop Meeting.

Goshen Medication Form - REQUIRED for all scouts and dads attending camp

Merit Badge Lists:

See the following Merit Badge schedule (*new * xls format) and merit badge prerequisites to help you decide what merit badges you want to take. Merit Badge scheduling is very similar to college course scheduling. Certain badges are offered at specific times, with some of the more popular ones offered 2 or 3 times. New Scouts, please talk with your Patrol Leaders and or Adult Leaders for advice/counsel on your merit badge choices. You won't sign up for them until we reach camp, but it is good to have a plan and some alternate choices in order to meet your goals. If you want to sign up for a Merit Badge that has prerequisites, you must have a Blue Card started and the required numbers signed off by an approved Merit Badge Counselor.

What to Pack:

Please mark everything that you want to return with your scout with their full name and the troop number.

Sending Mail to your Scout:

Mail can be sent to your scout at Goshen Scout Reservation. It is recommended that you send your mail early to make sure they receive it while at camp. Mail should be addressed as:

Scout Name__________ Troop #27

Camp Olmsted

Goshen Scout Reservation

340 Millard Burke Memorial Highway

Goshen, VA 24439

In case of Emergency:

In case of an emergency, parents should call the main office at the Camp Post to get a message to the troop. The numbers are (540) 997-5773 or (540) 997-5140.