Patrol Competition

Standings as of 11-10-2009 - For September 2009 - February 2010
Activity Points Owl Lightening Blackhawk Pedro Cobra
1st Place 25     25    
2nd Place 20 20        
3rd Place 15       15  
4th Place 10         10
5th Place 5   5      
Skit for Campfire 15          
Song for Campfire 15          
Patrol Flag 10     10 10  
100% Attendance at Event 15          
Pass Inspection 15          
Patrol Spirit 20 Max 10 10 10 5 15
National Honor Patrol 50          
Make Eagle 25          
Make Life 20          
Make Star 15          
Make First Class 10          
Make Second Class 10          
Make Tenderfoot 10          

Competition History


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Sep 2007 Blackhawk (Christoper G) Lightning (Christian O) Owl (Christian E)
Feb 2007 Blackhawk (Vance H) Lightning (Mark C) Owl (Tom C)
Sep 2006 Blackhawk (Vance H) Pedro (Patrick B) Owl (Will T)
Lightning (Mark C)
Feb 2006 Owl (Zack C) Black Dragon (Jamie H) Lightning (Trevor C)
Jun 2005 Black Dragon (Jamie H) Flaming Arrow (Brendan S) Blackhawk (Kenny F)
Mar 2005 Rattlesnake (Nick C) Flaming Arrow (Brendan S) Blackhawk (Kenny F)
Dec 2004 Viking (Michael A) Lightning (Nic K) Flaming Arrow (Austin C)
Sep 2004 Lightning (Nic K) Viking (Michael A) Flaming Arrow (Austin C)
Jun 2004 Rattlesnake (Mitchell C) Lightning (Nic K) Flaming Arrow (Austin C)
Mar 2004 Flaming Arrow (Austin C)  Rattlesnake (Mitchell C.) Lightning (Nic K)
Dec 2003 Rattlesnake (Jon K) Viking (Will T) n/a

Points are awarded as follows:

Eagle Advancement 30
Star or Life Advancement 25
Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class Advancement 20
100% Attendance at meeting or campout 20
Patrol yell at meeting or campout 15
Patrol flag at meeting or campout 15
Song at campout 15
Skit at campout 15
Patrol comp at campout 10
Scoutmaster approved service project outside of normal troop activities 20
Pass assistant scoutmaster uniform inspection 20
Awarded National Honor Patrol 100