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Rank Advancement

 Turning activities into advancement involves four steps:
  1. You Learn. At troop meetings and on outings, you learn and practice skills that are required for advancement. For merit badges, you work with a merit badge counselor who helps you learn the required skills.
  2. You are tested. Once you feel that you have mastered a skill, a leader tests you and passes you on the requirement. This could be a youth leader, an adult leader, or a merit badge counselor. (This won’t be your parent unless your parent is also a troop leader or merit badge counselor.)
  3. You are reviewed. When you have completed all the requirements for a rank (except the Scout rank), you meet with a board of review made up of troop committee members. The board makes sure you’ve completed all the requirements and also talks with you about your Scouting experience.
  4. You are recognized. As soon as possible, you are recognized for your advancement at a troop meeting where you receive your badge. (You’ll later be recognized again at a special ceremony called a court of honor.)
The Boy Scout Handbook, 13 th Edition, 2015, p 414
 Process to Rank Advance Rank advancement process

  • Scoutmaster Conferences and Board of Reviews are held on campouts although exceptions can be arranged.
  • Please let the Advancement Chair know if you would like to schedule advancement for a campout so the leaders will be prepared.