For the purposes of advancement, “showing scout spirit” is defined as attending at least 50% of the meetings and 50% of the outings during the advancement period prior to the Scout’s Board of Review date for a given rank. The Scout handbook is the master record of the Scout’s achievements, if lost, some information may never be recovered. The Troop records are for administrative purposes only. It is the responsibility of the Scout to ensure the accuracy of all records as they pertain to him.

See the Rank Advancement process.

Troop 27 will hold a Court of Honor two times a year to recognize those Scouts that have advanced in rank, earned merit badges, or any other awards. These are family events and all are invited.

In Troop 27 it is customary for a boy to receive a rank as soon as he achieves it and not wait for the Court of Honor. He will, however, still be recognized at the Court of Honor.