General FAQ:

Scout participation is a requirement for rank advancement.  The requirements is that a scout has to be active 50% of the time in the last 6 months.  This is a rolling 6 months so technically if they have been 100% active in the previous 3 months prior to rank advancement then they have met the requirements.

Who to confirm Scout Rank/Patrol/Status information: Allan Lester

Can parent’s sign off on scout requirements?  No. Scout should present to his Patrol leader at a Troop/Patrol Meeting or Campout his book to his patrol leader and explain that he has completed that work.

Patrol Cooking:

Over the course of the year we have Patrol cooking contests on campouts.  These timing of these contests are decided by the PLC before a campout.

If your Scout needs to satisfy a cooking requirement for Rank Advancement he should talk to his patrol leader and work out with him a time to meet that requirement.  This can be done either during a patrol meeting or a campout.