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2005 Feb Inks Lake

Inks Lake State Park - February 18-20



5:00 PM

Meet at Saint John Vianney

5:30 PM

Depart from Saint John Vianney

7:00 PM

Arrive at Inks Lake State Park

Planned return back to SJV: 3:00 PM Sunday.

Scouts, Please review the following before the camp out

Items that will be covered on the five mile hike

Safe Rules of Hiking

The Buddy System

Treatment for : Cuts and Scratches

Treatment for : Bites and Stings

Treatment for : Poisonous Snakebites

Treatment for : Frostbite and Sunburn

Display, raise, lower, fold flag

Items that will be covered during the camp out

How to find directions during day and night without a compass

Tying the timber hitch and clove hitch and their use in square, shear, and diagonal lashings by joining two or more poles or staves together.

Use lashing to make camp gadget

Demonstrate bowline knot and describe several ways it can be used

What to Bring

  • Normal camp gear
  • Water bottle for hike
  • Hiking shoes
  • Money for Sonic