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Adult Leadership

The Scoutmaster: is the adult responsible for working directly with the Scouts to help them create the program for the troop. The Scoutmaster trains boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching, and support.
  • Trains and guides boy leaders.
  • Works with other responsible adults to bring Scouting to boys.
  • Uses the methods of Scouting to achieve the aims of Scouting.
  • Can be male or female, but must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Is appointed by the head of the chartered organization.

Assistant Scoutmasters: in larger troops may be directed by the Scoutmaster to assist in skills instruction and adult assistance with delivering the troop program. Duties may overlap or assist with roles in the Troop Committee. Assistant Scoutmasters not on BSA's troop organizational chart may be assigned and charged for specific duties.
  • This is the only troop adult leader position for adults age 18-20.
  • Assist the Scoutmaster as directed
  • Works with other responsible adults to bring Scouting to boys.
  • Uses the methods of Scouting to achieve the aims of Scouting.
  • Can be male or female, but must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Is appointed by the Scoutmaster and approved by the Troop Committee Chair.
  • Abide by the Scout Oath or Promise and the Scout Law.
  • Subscribe to the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principle
  • All volunteers are expected to complete Youth Protection training. It is available online on the Web site http://olc.scouting.org. As a volunteer, you are expected to complete the training within 90 days of assuming a leadership position.

Current Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster
Scoutmaster (email) Bill Ansley
Assistant Scoutmaster Clay Gann
Assistant Scoutmaster Abe Platzer
Assistant Scoutmaster Richard Jenkins
Assistant Scoutmaster Chris Mugica

Troop Committee

The Troop Committee is the troop’s board of directors and supports the troop program. The Troop Committee’s responsibilities are:

  • To ensure that quality adult leadership is recruited and trained.
  • To provide adequate meeting facilities.
  • To advise the Scoutmaster on policies relating to Boy Scouting and the Chartered Organization.
  • To support leaders in carrying out the program.
  • To oversee finances, ensure that there are adequate funds and make disbursements in line with the approved budget plan.
  • To obtain, maintain and properly care for troop property.
  • To ensure that the troop has an outdoor program. (minimum 10 days and nights per year)
  • To serve on boards of review and courts of honor.
  • To support the Scoutmaster in working with individual boys and problems that may affect the overall troop program.
  • To provide for the special needs and assistance some boys may require.
  • To help with the Friends of Scouting Campaign.
  • To assist the Scoutmaster with handling boy behavioral problems.

The Troop Committee is composed of the following voting members: Committee Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Charter Organization Rep, Chaplain, Advancement Coordinator, Outdoor Activities Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Quartermaster, and Historian.

Committee Positions with Current Leader
Charter Organization Representative Marisol Melendez
Committee Chair Ryan Moore (email: committeechair@bsatroop27.us)
Secretary Tim Smith
Treasurer Shannon Hamilton (email: treasurer@bsatroop27.us)
Outdoor/Activities Chad Main
Advancement Allan Lester
Health Records Jeremy Zahirniak
Chaplain Chris Mugica
Membership Jenny Ortiz
Training Brad Falch
Quartermaster (Uniforms) Barbara Bradfield
Quartermaster (Supplies) Jeremy Zahirniak
Fundraising Scott Biscoe (email: fundraiser@bsatroop27.us)
Historian D. Biscoe
Hospitality Coordinator D. Biscoe
Volunteer Coordinator (Looking for Volunteers)
Eagle Scout Process Adviser Jeff Pratt
Webmaster Craig Hamilton (email: bsatroop27webmaster@gmail.com)

Special Activities Coordinators
Shooting Sports Coordinator Clay Gann / Craig Hamilton
Climbing Sports Coordinator Chris Mugica / Jeremy Zahirniak
Water Sports Coordinator (Looking for Volunteers)
CPR/AED/First Aid Coordinator Chad Main/Craig Hamilton
Cyber Chip Coordinator/Instructor Craig Tangedal
Friends of Scouting Champion Jenny Ortiz / Erich Stokes / Chris Mugica
Just Because Champion Rusty Zunker

Scoutmaster History:

 Steve Kirk Sep 1, 2002 - Feb 28, 2005
 Darrell Whatley Mar 1, 2005 - Sep 2008
 Chuck Tully Sept 2008 - Dec 2012
 Craig Davidson
Jan 2013 - Sept 2014
 Bill Ansley  Oct 2014 - Present